T Group Property Services


  • Helps you to acquire high quality unmodernised properties in the prime and most prestigious areas of Central London.
  • Generates profits through the acquisition, refurbishments and ultimate sale of under-valued residential assets including new build, major new development opportunities and individual homes.
  • Takes advantage of the current downturn in the central London residential property market.
  • Creates further profits through the lettings of properties.
  • Produces an estimated base case geared internal rate of return (IRR) of 10% and a best case geared pre-tax IRR in excess of 20%.
  • Provides a proven safe haven for investing and maximising returns for overseas investors.
  • The Fund and individual projects utilise the services of Barclays Wealth or RBC Trust Company (International) Limited to act as Administrators. However subject to our discretion investors are free to recommend an alternative provider of those services.
  • All investment monies are securely held by Barclays International or RBC.
  • “One stop” residential fund which is responsible for overseeing all steps of the property transaction. From purchasing opportunities through the development stages to letting and finally selling.